2017 Graduates


    Thank you so much for the scholarship you have provided. I plan to pursue a degree in the field of electrical construction. The MSF Endowment scholarship will be very helpful in paying for my education.


  My future is open to new possibilities because of the scholarships that were so generously given to me. Thank you for investing in me and I give by word that I won't waste your incredible gift. Bless all those involved in this life changing and opportunity opening organization.


  Thank you so much for the scholarship you awarded me! It will help me to pursue my career and help change lives. Thanks so much.


  I want to express my sincere gratitude for being selected as a recipient of the Milaca District Scholarship through the MSF. As a non-traditional student who is trying to balance work, family, school and finances, this scholarship is very helpful and appreciated. The dedication and work of the MSF helps encourage and financially assist many students who are on their path of further education. I feel very blessed to receive this scholarship and I am grateful for the generous donations that have been given through the Milaca Scholarship Foundation.


  Thank you for providing me with the Virgil Adkins Memorial Endowment Scholarship. I greatly appreciate this gift. It will allow me to more quickly pay off the many costs of college, such as tuition loans or book payments. Although college is expensive, college is also a launching pad into many great careers that can affect the world. With the aid of this scholarship, I can be burdened less by debt and focus on college and its academic and non-academic opportunities more.


  We would like to say thank you for the scholarships all three of our boys received through this wonderful foundation over the years. We truly appreciate all the time and effort to make this such a successful program. Every extra dollar helps with all the college tuition. We look forward to setting up a scholarship down the road to help other seniors.


  Thank you for making the Virgil Adkins Memorial Endowment Scholarship possible. The money I was awarded will help greatly to pay off college expenses. I was informed by a family member that Virgil was friends with my great grandfather which I think is really cool. I think it is interesting how I was awarded this scholarship and finding out an old relative knew him.Thank you again.


 Thank you for the Milaca Area District Endowment Scholarship you awarded me. I truly appreciate the money you have given me and I will put it toward my nursing education. This is truly a blessing to me and it helps out so much!


 Thank you for making this scholarship possible for me to fully concentrate on my college courses. Thank you for making the Milaca Dollars for Scholars Scholarships possible, without these scholarships many young adults would not be able to attend college.


  Thank you so much for the large gift given me. It will be very beneficial and help me attend the school that I wanted. I am so happy the Selection Committee chose me to win the 4 yr. scholarship. It shocked me. It is so great that the foundation exsits in Milaca. It helps so many students live out their dreams. Thank you so much.


 Thank you so much for the opportunities as well as the scholarship money to help pay for school in the upcoming years. So proud of what our small town does to support its grads. Go Wolves!


 Thank you for donating money to my education. Your funds have greatly eased my burden. I am so thankful for the MSF Endowment Scholarship. Thank you for making this scholarship possible.


  Thank you so much for making the MSF Endowment Scholarship possible. I am excited to further my education and this scholarship will help greatly.