Our Chapter Thrives Because of Your Generosity!

Our Dollars for Scholars chapter succeeds because our community believes in its students and the power of higher education. The following endowments and scholarships have been established by donors and partners through their gifts to MSF/Dollars for Scholars. These generous gifts help Milaca graduates achieve their educational goals and life dreams. We are grateful for your support! 

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MSF Legacy Fund

Brian & Marge Bauerly Family Legacy Scholarship

John & Ardis Becklin Legacy Scholarship

Ken & Becky Valo Bergstrom Family Legacy Scholarship

Chris Ehlen Volunteerism Legacy Scholarship

Betsy Eickhoff Legacy Scholarship

First National Bank of Milaca Legacy Scholarship

Foreston Fire & Rescue Legacy Scholarship

Fransen Decorating Legacy Scholarship

Gorecki Family Legacy Scholarships

Tim & Mary Jo Harris Legacy Scholarship

Mark Herzing Legacy Scholarship

William & Laura Hjort/Town & Country Finance Legacy Scholarship

James & Roxanne Gerads Family Legacy Scholarship

Jim's Mille Lacs Disposal, Inc. Legacy Scholarship

Kiel Legacy Scholarship

Milaca Fire & Rescue Legacy Scholarship

Mille Lacs Veterinary Clinic/Nord Family Legacy Scholarship

Rick & Lynne Olson Legacy Scholarship

Donald W. & Geraldine M. Patnode Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Mark & Kathy Riebel Legacy Scholarship

Scholarship America Legacy Scholarship

G. Edward Schramm Family Legacy Scholarship




*John T. "Jack" Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Pete & Thora Allen

*Gordon & Ione Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Robert & Lee Allen family

*Thora Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Pete Allen

*Burton "Pete" Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship by family/friends & First National Bank of Milaca

Alternative Sources of Energy Scholarship by Donald & Abby Marier

Governor Elmer L. Andersen Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Pete & Thora Allen

John & Ardis Becklin Endowment Scholarship by John & Ardis Becklin

*Herb Claffy Memorial Endowment Scholarship by family & friends of Herb

Computer Science/Engineering Endowment Scholarship by Molly Bostic & Marc Reiners and Microsoft

Wally Eklund Family Endowment Scholarship by Marge & Wally Eklund & family

*Robert L. Erickson Memorial Endowment Scholarships by David & Shirley (Erickson) Hubers

*Employees of First National Bank of Milaca Endowment Scholarship

First National Bank of Milaca Endowment Scholarships

Greater Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce Endowment Scholarship

Doug & Toby Henschel Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Kay Henschel, family & friends

*William Herranen/Dean Isaacson STEM Endowment Scholarship by Dean & Martha Isaacson

Pete & Karen Hydukovich Endowment Scholarship by Pete & Karen Hydukovich

Jacobsen Family Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Mrs. Pearl Jacobsen & family

Martha Ostmoe Jarrels Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Wm. Jarrels & family

Carl E. Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Terry Johnson & family/friends

*Charles R. Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Charles Johnson trust

*Doris Ruth Johnson Endowment Scholarship by Doris R. Johnson

*Curt & Elinor Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Pete & Thora Allen

*Leonard & Anna Sageng Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Larry A. Johnson

Dr. Paul J. Keith Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Dr. Keith

Alvin & Marian Lamprecht Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Marian & family, daughters Sue Westling/Sharon Alkire

*Rudolph C. Majerle Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Mrs. Agnes Majerle

*Luddy Martinson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by June Martinson

Milaca American Legion Endowment Scholarship by Legion Post #178

Milaca Area Hospital District Endowment Scholarships

*Loretta Mae "Dusty" McQuoid Memorial Endowment Scholarships by Terry McQuoid

Medtronic Inc. Endowment Scholarship

Paul A. Olson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Rick Olson & family

Ted & Jane Ostmoe Memorial Endowment Scholarship by family of Ted & Jane Ostmoe & friends

*Leonard M. & Gladys M. Paulson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Gov. Elmer L. Andersen

Richards Family Endowment Scholarships by Dr. Julee Richards

*Mark & Kathy Riebel Endowment Scholarship by Mark & Kathy Riebel and Medtronics

*Dale Rosenberg Endowment Scholarship by Dale Rosenberg

Gary St. John Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Milaca Jaycees

*Vi & Tuovi Salo Family Memorial Endowment Scholarship by 1st National Bank of Milaca, Alumni Band & friends

Vern and June Kock Memorial Endowment Scholarship

*Andree & Alvina Swanson Memorial Endowment Scholarship by family & friends

Ken Trimble Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Milaca Jaycees

*Cindy Zillmer Memorial Endowment Scholarship by Ron Zillmer, family & friends



Virgil Adkins Scholarships by Virgil Adkins Trust

Alternative Source of Energy Scholarships by Don & Abby Marier

Dave Krueger Memorial Scholarship by Mike & Jean Larsen & Koch family

Methodist Church Scholarship by Women of United Methodist Church

Ultra Golf Classic Scholarships by donors & golfers at the Ultra Golf Classic

East Central Energy Scholarship

Pat Nelson Education Minnesota Scholarship by Pat Nelson

Employees of First National Bank of Milaca Scholarship

Bremer Bank Scholarship by Bremer Bank-Princeton

ISD 912 Administration & School Board Scholarship

Myron Swenson Memorial Scholarship by Charmaine Swenson, family and friends


MSF Legacy Fund

The MSF Legacy Fund was established in 2017 in response to a tremendous gift and challenge to the Milaca community and all MHS alumni. A successful MHS alumnus, who wished to remain anonymous, challenged MSF to raise $1 million, which would be matched by the donor's estate. In addition, if the $1 million goal were raised by the end of 2021, the donor's estate would add an additional $1 million, ultimately creating a $3 million endowment to provide scholarships for generations to come. The community response to the campaign has been overwhelming, and the campaign exceeded its $1 million goal as of February 2019, just five months following the public launch. MSF has now set a stretch goal of $1.5 million in order to do even more for our MHS graduates and their families. Every gift of every size is welcomed and appreciated! Visit msflegacyfund.com/ways-to-give to make a gift. 

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Brian & Marge Bauerly Family Legacy Scholarship

We have lived in Milaca for 46 years. Brian's employment has been in the construction industry and banking. Marge has worked as an x-ray Technologist at all the local Hospitals. Our four grown children are all MHS alumni. We created this endowment because we believe education beyond high school is very important to succeed in life. We hope this gift will help students achieve their dreams, and that one day they will be able to give back to Milaca Scholarship Foundation and pass this gift on to future aspiring students.

John & Ardis Becklin Legacy Scholarship

Born and raised in Milaca, John and Ardy graduated from MHS in 1945 and 1951, respectively. John had a career as a price analyst, while Ardy worked in human resources. The Becklins believe that education is one of the keys to living a full life, as it does more than provide career skills--higher education also provides opportunities for learning how to interact with others. John and Ardy created this endowed fund because they believe that education is the key to the future. Their advice for MHS graduates is, "Do your best, and the best will come back to you." 


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Ken & Becky Valo Bergstrom Family Legacy Scholarship

Becky is a 1979 graduate of MHS. Her parents, George & Viola Valo, were always involved when it came to their education. They encouraged Becky and her older siblings, Byron & Jane, to pursue secondary education to benefit their futures.  All three pursued secondary degrees from MNSCU sites.

Becky is a 1983 SCSU alum, and at that time obtained a rather non-traditional degree for women, a BS in Manufacturing & Industrial Technology. STEM programs were but a figment in someone's mind at that time, but she found that area of study fascinating. Becky worked in the manufacturing sector before moving back to the Milaca area and raising her children, Alicia '03, Amy '05, and Jordan DeBoer '07, all MHS alumni. Continuing to use her skills over the last 30 years in Milaca, as an MHS substitute teacher, Chamber of Commerce director, non-profit board member, and in 2009 established a healthcare business where she serves as CFO.

Ken, one of five siblings, is a graduate of Fergus Falls High. He earned a BS in Biology from Wheaton College, is a US Navy Gulf War veteran, and holds a BS degree as a Registered Nurse. He worked as an RN in Coronado, CA. Ken moved back to Minnesota to raise Cayla '09 and Jessica '12 , MHS alumni. He continued his nursing career with the elderly. Ken has worked in area eldercare facilities as RN/Director of Nursing, serves on area non-profits boards, and in 2009 established a healthcare business where he serves as CFO.

Becky and Ken believe education beyond high school is important because our country needs skilled people in areas of Technology, Health & Sciences, Engineering & Manufacturing, and Entrepreneurship, among other careers. Good soft skills are also imperative in any job. "We know first-hand that a secondary education gave our family members a valuable set of tools, for personal growth, career opportunities, experiences, and income."

Ken and Becky decided to create this endowment because they know how expensive higher education is, having sent five children off to college themselves. Their children were also all recipients of MSF scholarships, and they are grateful for the support their children received and wanted to give back. "We realized the great opportunity to join in on the matching Legacy Fund campaign to create an endowment, one that would award scholarships for years to come to future MHS graduates. We'd feel blessed to have secondary bound students be awarded a bit of financial assistance from our part of life's journey."

Ken and Becky's advice to MHS graduates: "We want to encourage all graduates to make the investment of their time, especially when they are young and unencumbered in life, to pursue a fitting degree or certification that fits one's passion or set of skills. Enjoy your new adventure, and prioritize to give your education your full attention."

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Chris Ehlen Volunteerism Legacy Scholarship

Originally from Granite Falls, Chris Ehlen chose to move to Milaca in 2006 with his wife Michelle to raise their two daughters, Brianna and Makayla. Chris enjoys volunteering in the community and has served on several boards of directors, including the Chamber of Commerce and Community Education, and has served as a volunteer firefighter with the Milaca Fire Department since 2011. Ehlen believes that education is the stepping stone to personal, social, and economic development. When Ehlen was recognized as a 2018 Voices in Philanthropy award winner by InFaith Community Foundation, he decided to create a Legacy Fund endowment with the gifts given by Thrivent Financial representatives from across the country. "I wanted to keep this award local to support our community and the families who live here. Living in a small community, it's important to support each other, to help make the community stronger." Ehlen's advice to MHS graduates heading off to college is, "Stay disciplined in your coursework and focused on getting your degree-and have fun!"

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Foreston Fire & Rescue Legacy Scholarship

Foreston Fire & Rescue is comprised of 12 volunteers from the city of Foreston and the surrounding area. The volunteers of the Foreston Fire & Rescue routinely respond to a wide variety of calls such as motor vehicle accidents, chemical spills, flooding, water rescues, general rescues, medical emergencies, structure fires, wildland fires and other miscellaneous calls for service.  

In addition to answering fire calls, the Foreston Fire & Rescue promotes fire safety by recognizing and promoting National Fire Safety Week in schools.

Foreston Fire & Rescue holds ongoing fundraisers which contribute to new equipment purchases as well as community philanthropy. Foreston Fire & Rescue has been a long-time generous donor to Milaca Scholarship Foundation and has now created an endowed scholarship in response to the Milaca Legacy Fund Campaign.

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Fransen Decorating Legacy Scholarship

Fransen Decorating has been in business since 1923 and was started by Harry Fransen. Current owners are John Fransen, Jr. and Jacquelin (Fransen) Hjort.  Both John and Jackie are Milaca High School graduates, as are all of their children. John and Jackie created this endowment because they both feel that it is important to support the young people of our community, and this is an excellent program to give them a great start to their future. Their advice to new MHS graduates is: "Whatever path you choose to follow, make sure that it is something you love to do. Try to make a difference in the world and make it a better place."

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James & Roxanne Gerads Family Legacy Scholarship

Jim's Mille Lacs Disposal, Inc. Legacy Scholarship

Jim Gerads and Roxie (Newgard) Gerads are lifelong residents of Central Minnesota. Both graduated from high school in 1982--Jim from Milaca High School and Roxie from Princeton High School. They have owned and operated Jim's Mille Lacs Disposal since 1994. Their children, Jesse and Emily, are both Milaca High School graduates who continued their education after high school and have now become a part of Milaca's business community as well. Jesse works in the family business, and Emily owns a salon. Because the Gerads family believes in giving back to their community, they have established two endowed scholarship funds to help make college more affordable for Milaca High School graduates. 

Gorecki Family Legacy Scholarships

Linda Gorecki Locher Legacy Scholarship

Barbara Gorecki Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Steven Gorecki Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Sandra Gorecki Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Mary Gorecki Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Community philanthropy has always been important to the Gorecki family, and the MSF Legacy Fund was a grateful recipient when Dorothy Gorecki created generous endowments on behalf of her family members.

Dorothy grew up on a farm in Central Minnesota. Her husband Ben graduated from University of North Dakota where he earned degrees in electrical engineering and business administration. The Goreckis shared a remarkable partnership through the years. Since moving to Milaca in 1967, the Goreckis played a key role in the business community, owning a hotel, movie theater, beauty shop, farm, and a large manufacturing company, to name a few.

The Goreckis' deep faith in God, in each other, in their children, and in the people they've met through their charitable work has been central in their lives. Dorothy and Ben worked diligently together growing their businesses and have been thoughtful and strategic with their philanthropy. Dorothy has continued to share with others since Ben's passing in 2016. 

MSF Endowments have been created in honor of the Gorecki family and, specifically, their five children, all of whom were MHS graduates. Daughter Linda Gorecki Locher, MHS '72, currently lives in Wisconsin and has been honored with an endowment, the Linda Gorecki Locher Legacy Scholarship. Memorial endowments have been established for Barbara Gorecki (MHS '70), Steven (MHS '71), Sandra (MHS '76) and Mary (MHS '82).

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Tim & Mary Jo Harris Legacy Scholarship

Tim and Mary Jo (Fradette) Harris graduated from MHS in 1974 and 1976, respectively. After high school, Tim graduated from Anoka Technical College and went to work in the lumber industry. Mary Jo graduated from St. Cloud State with a B.S. in Education and worked as an elementary school teacher. In 1994 they began their own business, Harris Hardwoods, and currently manufacture component parts for the kitchen and bath industry. 

As small business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs, Tim and Mary Jo realize the importance of education to the growth of their business, especially science, technology, engineering, and math. Over the years they have experienced the many changes in technology and engineering in their industry and understand that learning and growing are lifelong. They believe tomorrow's jobs will require not only STEM education and experience, but strong 'soft skills.' Their most valued employees are the innovators and critical thinkers who can work well with others to get the job done. 

Their advice to MHS graduates is to build a solid foundation of STEM for long-term success and an even stronger foundation of 'soft skills'.  Because education, experience, and soft skills are so incredibly important, obtain practical experience both in the classroom and out in the field while building your people skills. It is Tim and Mary Jo's hope that their endowment will help future students become the well-rounded innovators, critical thinkers, and compelling leaders needed for tomorrow's engineering and manufacturing sector.

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Mark Herzing Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible through a gift from Mark Herzing. The Mark Herzing Legacy Scholarship is given on an annual basis with a preference to students from the Milaca area who are going into the areas of pre-law (including paralegal studies), public health (including social work), or criminal justice (including probation).

Mark Herzing ('90) was born and raised in Milaca, MN and is the son of Maurice and Marilyn Herzing. Mark Herzing is one of three siblings, Maurice Herzing Jr, '89, and Martha (Herzing) Stellmach, '92, who also graduated from Milaca Public Schools.

After high school, Mark attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul and graduated in 1994 earning a BA Cum Laude with a major in Economics. He attended St. Cloud State University where he graduated in 1997, earning a BS Magna Cum Laude with a major in Secondary Education. From 1999 to 2001, Mark worked as a classroom teacher and coach in Milaca and a classroom teacher in Cambridge, MN. Mark then attended St. Thomas Law School in Minneapolis and earned his JD in 2005. Mark worked as an Assistant Mille Lacs County Attorney from 2005 to 2019. Governor Mark Dayton appointed Mark Herzing to the District Court on January 7, 2019.

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William & Laura Hjort/Town & Country Finance Legacy Scholarship

In Bill Hjort's own words: 

My great grandparents settled in the Milaca area in the early 1900s.   I currently own and operate a family business, Town & Country Finance, Inc, that my grandfather started in the 1950's.   My dad is still active in the business at age 87 and I hope that eventually one of my kids will work in the business.  I'm a big fan of small towns and being connected to the community in a way that is hard to replicate in a larger metro area.  

It appears that for our country to stay internationally competitive we will need to produce more graduates with degrees in math, engineering and science.  Hopefully the small annual scholarship offered by Town & Country Finance, Inc. will help some students pursue degrees in those areas.

Whether a young person  goes to college or goes right into the work force, I think it would be helpful for the student to be aware of his/her strengths, weaknesses and passions when making career decisions.  Pursue dreams but find a balance with practicality.  Work hard and work smart.  Build positive relationships wherever you go.  Be an opportunist and be flexible. 

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Kiel Legacy Scholarship

The Kiel Legacy Scholarship was started by Tom and Kris Kiel, along with family and friends.

Tom and Kris owned Kiels' Appliance in Pease for 25 years. We purchased the store from Tom's father, Lawrence Kiel, who operated it as Kiel's Hardware. Tom grew up in Pease and worked most of his life in the hardware and appliance store. Kris moved from Michigan to teach school in Pease and later in Milaca, before working full time in the appliance store.  We have 2 daughters that graduated from Milaca High School. Trisha (Kiel) Kotsmith and Tracy (Kiel) Bowdish.   We are very grateful for the education they had in Milaca which helped enrich and prepare them for their college education.  Trisha chose to be an educator, working in the Early Childhood and Parent Education field. Tracy chose to be a Music Therapist, helping people with neurological deficits make meaningful progress toward sensorimotor, cognitive, and communicative goals.

We are thankful for the Milaca School system in helping them achieve their dreams and preparing them for lifelong skills.  As a way to thank the school and give back to the community, we set up the scholarship to help other students achieve their dreams by further education.

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Milaca Fire & Rescue Legacy Scholarship

Milaca Fire & Rescue was officially organized September 22, 1896 with about 22 firefighters, and at that time was known as Milaca Fire Company No. 1.  

Today, the Milaca Fire & Rescue is comprised of 24 volunteers from Milaca and the surrounding area. The fire department assists with motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, weather spotting, and other events in addition to fire emergencies. Each of our local firefighters attends training sessions for approximately 100 hours each year. In addition to answering an average of 110 calls per year, Milaca Fire & Rescue promotes fire safety by recognizing and promoting National Fire Safety Week in partnership with Milaca Elementary School. 

The Milaca Fire & Rescue building is located at 1005 Central Avenue North, Milaca. The fire department is equipped with two pumpers, two tankers, a rescue truck, and a specialized pickup for fighting grass fires. The department is also equipped with a snowmobile and sled used for winter rescue calls.

Milaca Fire & Rescue holds ongoing fundraisers which contribute to new equipment purchases as well as community philanthropy. Milaca Fire & Rescue has been a long-time generous donor to Milaca Scholarship Foundation and has now created an endowed scholarship in response to the Milaca Legacy Fund Campaign.

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Mille Lacs Veterinary Clinic/Nord Family Legacy Scholarship

Mille Lacs Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1961 by Dr. Ron Hass and Dr. Dick Richards and has served the Milaca and Foley communities and surrounding areas for the last 60+ years. The partners of MLVC believe in being part of a business community that supports the education of area youth. Dr. Chris and Amy Nord also contributed to the creation of this scholarship. With two children who matriculated through the Milaca Public Schools system, Chris and Amy have appreciated the dedication and hard work of the teachers and administration who care deeply about all students and who help lay the foundation for their futures. Both Chris and Amy believe in the power of education to open our minds and see the world beyond ourselves. 

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Donald W. & Geraldine M. Patnode Memorial Legacy Scholarship

Donald and Geraldine (Oeffling) Patnode lived in the Milaca area from 1947 until their passing in 1999. They raised a family of nine children, all of whom are proud Milaca alumni. Their first work in the area in early 1947 consisted of hauling canned milk from area farms to local co-ops. In late 1947, they moved to a farm northwest of Milaca. As their family grew they were able to expand their trucking and farming operations, which allowed their work to become a true family affair. They prided themselves on their customer service to local farmers, co-ops, and businesses, and they relied on other local businesses to keep their operation moving forward. They volunteered for local organizations and boards, such as Hansen-Hayes Legion Post 178 and Auxiliary as well as the Milaca School Board. Don and Geri were committed members of the Milaca community for over 53 years. This legacy scholarship is in memory of the hard work, love, and dedication they gave to Milaca and the opportunities they received from this community.

G. Edward Schramm Family Legacy Scholarship

G. Edward "Ed" Schramm was the first and only principal of Milaca Middle School. He served beginning in 1973 and stepped down in 1992, when the elementary, middle and high schools merged into one building. A recipient of the Minnesota Middle School Association's Distinguished Service Award as well as Administrator of the Year at the national level, Ed was instrumental in the national movement to establish middle schools around the U.S. He served on a national middle level educators board of directors and was also named to a presidential commission to study middle school education during the Carter administration.

All four Schramm children are MHS alumni. Kary, Dana, Damon and Lara were all highly involved students participating in a variety of school activities including football, basketball, track, baseball, band, choir, yearbook staff, school newspaper, and National Honor Society. The G. Edward Schramm Family Legacy Scholarship was established by Damon to honor his father as well as to give back to the community that was home to the Schramm family for 20 years.

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Dr. Paul J. Keith Memorial Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible through the generous gift to the MSF by the late Dr. Keith in his will. This gift allows us to give a scholarship of $1,000 each year - indefinitely- to a young man or woman who is planning to further his or her education in a medicine or health-related field. 

In addition to ministering to the health needs of our area for over 40 years, delivering thousands of babies, and being active in many causes bettering our community, Dr. Keith was a member of the original Board of Directors of MSF. Dr. Keith passed away on April 21, 1993. 

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Alternative Sources of Energy Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible through a gift from Alternative Sources of Energy, Inc. (ASE), which was a corporation located in Milaca. The ASE scholarship is given on an annual basis to students who are going into fields of science or communications. ASE was founded by Don & Abby Marier in 1974 as a nonprofit organization to encourage the development and use of environmentally sound energy technologies that generate electricity. The main emphasis was on using renewable (non-fossil) fuels, such as wind energy, solar, water power, and agricultural residues (biomass). The Mariers began by publishing a newsletter on a used mimeograph machine in their basement; this later evolved into a magazine format. Published monthly for some 15 years, ASE magazine's readers were located throughout the US and 52 countries around the world; experts as well as interested citizens wrote its articles. Today, the magazine continues as Independent Energy. 

When it became evident in 1992 that ASE's mission could not effectively be carried out any longer because of changes in national policies, etc., this nonprofit corporation was dissolved and some of its assets were transferred to another nonprofit organization, the Central MN Initiative Fund's Endowment Program, which administers the ASE money with the specific understanding that earnings on this money would be paid each year to MSF to be used for scholarship awards to Milaca High School graduates planning to further their education in the fields of science, communications, or a field dealing with energy (use, manufacture, research, transmission, or marketing). 

Having viewed their own education as the tool which made their ventures possible, the Mariers are pleased to see that the funds are being used to assist others in obtaining a sound education, and in this way, part of the original mission of ASE continues today through these scholarships. 

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Robert L. Erickson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Robert Erickson was born and raised in Hibbing, MN, graduating there in 1954. He began his post-secondary education in Hibbing Junior College before transferring to the University of MN where he received his BS in Education. He started his teaching career at Milaca High School in 1958. 

Bob married Carol Puncochar in 1964, and they raised their family of four children in Milaca. He was a civic leader, owning and operating the local Dairy Queen, serving on the Milaca School Board, and as a member of the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, and St. Mary's Catholic Church. 

Bob's first love was teaching, and he taught Business at MHS for over 25 years until his retirement in 1984. While teaching he also earned his Master's at St. Cloud State University. Bob's greatest joy was seeing his students grow and mature as individuals and guiding them through the intricacies of accounting and business management. 

This annual memorial endowed scholarship was established and funded by David and Shirley (Erickson) Hubers, both graduates of Milaca High School. They were both students of Bob and admired his teaching skills, his sense of humor, and his commitment and dedication to the students. David went on to be the CEO of American Express Financial Advisors headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. 

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Carl E. Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Carl Johnson was a well-known and highly respected businessman in Milaca for many years. He was born in the Brainerd, MN area but made Milaca his hometown after his marriage in 1942. In 1946, Carl went into business for himself, establishing the Carl E. Johnson Plumbing and Heating Company. He was involved with this business for 50 years, retiring and turning over his company to his son Terry in the early 1980s, but he never lost interest in the business or in his community. 

Carl was an active member of Zion Lutheran Church in Milaca for 54 years and was also a member of the Lincoln Masonic Lodge No. 226 of Milaca. He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoyed hunting and fishing, and he was also interested in woodworking and cooking. But his greatest loves were his children and grandchildren. Carl passed away in 1996. 

This annual memorial endowed scholarship was established by Carl's family--his wife Iren, son Terry and daughter Judy--and includes a donation from a number of Carl's friends. 

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Curtis & Elinor Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Curt was born in 1926 in Princeton, MN to Martin & Mary Johnson. He graduated from Milaca High School in 1944, from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1950, and also served in the US Navy during WWII. In 1951 he married Elinor Thompson. Elinor was born in 1929 to Otto & Myrtle Thompson in Rochester, MN. She moved with her family from Welch, MN to Hinckley and then to Red Wing before settling in Milaca, graduating from there in 1947 and from St. Olaf College after earning a BS in Home Economics. 

Taking over after his father, Curt was the owner/operator of Johnson Oil Company in Milaca. He was an active member of the Milaca community, serving on the Milaca City Council, past president of the American Legion and Chamber of Commerce, and was a charter member of the Lions Club. In 2007 he was named Milaca Citizen of the Year. Curt loved to cook, and he cooked for the men's golf league for a number of years and also ran the meatball supper at Zion Lutheran for many years. 

Elinor taught Home Economics in Onamia for a time before working as a dental assistant for Dr. Dennis Peterson in Milaca. El then became a homemaker, caring for her two children, Cal and Sarah. She was an avid golfer, and a good one. She was a member of the Milaca Golf Club and the St. Cloud Country Club, where she was club champ for several years and played in amateur tournaments across the state. El loved spending time in the outdoors. Both Curt and El were active in Zion Lutheran Church, where she served as choir director for over 40 years. 

Elinor passed away in 2003 and Curt in 2007. This scholarship was established by Pete and Thora Allen.  

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David M. Krueger Memorial Endowment Scholarship

The Life of David M. Krueger, as written by David Krueger: "It all began in the small town of South St. Paul, MN. My father was a milkman and my mother was a homemaker. I had one younger sister (Lynn), and we lived next door to my grandparents. I attended dance school at an early age, because my mother said I just wanted to go to school. From grades 1-6 I went to St. Augustine's Catholic School. During this period of my life, we had a cabin on Cantlin Lake near Zimmerman, MN. It was there that I started to build my love of the great outdoors, when my father and I spent a lot of time fishing and hunting. While I was in 6th grade my father received a serious injury to his back and was no longer able to be a milkman. He went to work for Holiday and ended up taking a job at the station in Princeton, MN. We then made the move to Milaca. 

Moving to the farm was a big life change for a city kid, but was the best thing that could have happened to me. We started raising Black Angus and our herd quickly grew to over 50 head. It was an experience every child should have. On a farm you are not just a kid, you're part of the family income. It's an experience that kids in town just don't have. 

I went to Milaca High School. I missed going to a one-room school house by only one year. Having all the country kids move into town helped to make my transition easier, because there were so many of us who were new. Things went pretty well ni school. My grads improved and I, for the first time, was able to get involved with sports. I ended up setting the school record for the mile run, became captain of the wrestling team, and was elected senior class president. 

After graduating from high school, I enrolled at the U of M in I.T. as an architect major. I spent three years there and then switched to Education. I graduated in 1978 and went on to work for the Anoka Hennepin School District the following fall. I worked as  a fifth grade teacher in Oxbow Creek School in Champlin. Post graduation work included some administrative studies at the U of M, followed by a Safety Degree at St. Cloud. 

I met and married my wife Erin in 1991 and am now the proud father of two children, Devin & Raven. We are currently living in Dayton. 

Note: In 2004, David passed away at the age of 49. He is missed by his family, friends, and neighbors. This scholarship was established and funded by his Milaca friends, Mike & Jean Larsen and Steve & Melinda Johnson plus donations from his father, Eugene Krueger. 

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Doris Ruth Johnson Endowment Scholarship

Doris R. Johnson was born in 1930 and raised in the Milaca area with her four sisters and four brothers. Her parents, Frank E. and Tillie Johnson, were Swedish immigrants who came to America in about 1905, met and married here, and then moved to the Milaca area. The Johnsons had a farm north of Milaca, but Frank was trained in Sweden as a master carpenter. Besides erecting houses and other buildings, he was really an artist in wood carving and with other skilled craftsmen hand-carved many beautiful pieces like the altar railing, baptismal font, and altar picture frame for Zion Lutheran Church in Milaca. 

In her junior year at MHS, Doris went to Austin, MN to help a sister with her new family, so she graduated from Austin, but she  came back here for she loved her friends in Milaca and wanted to walk down the aisle with them as they graduated--her heart was in Milaca. She later worked for Dayton's Department Store, got married and then moved to Portland, OR in 1949. 

During the following years, Doris was always active in supporting youth groups and their activities. In Oregon, she created a youth coffee shop called "The Ark," which was a place of refuge for them with food and fun. For herself and these students, she has said, "Have faith, work hard, and never give up."

Encouraged by her sisters, in 1980 Doris moved back to MN because of her health. She is still very interested in and supportive of young people and their education. Because Doris felt it was important to give money where it matters the most, she has established and funded the endowed scholarship for students graduating from MHS who will be continuing their education. Her heart is still in Milaca. 

Doris passed away in June 2014. 

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East Central Energy Scholarship

East Central Energy (ECE) is very pleased to fund this scholarship to Milaca students in recognition of their academic achievement and community service. We are an electric distribution cooperative serving over 57,000 member-owners in east central MN and northwestern WI. ECE began awarding these scholarships in 1988 and, to date, has contributed over $550,000 to local students. 

The ECE scholarship program is made possible by 1987 legislation which allows cooperatives to contribute unclaimed Capital Credits to local educational institutions. All members of ECE have a Capital Credit account, which is started when they become an ECE member and start purchasing electricity. Each year, ECE allocates money to this account based on the amount of electricity used by the member. 

Capital Credits are retired (refunded) to members as approved by the ECE Board of Directors. Even if a member moved off the ECE system, he or she will receive Capital Credit refunds until the account is depleted, as long as ECE can locate the member. ECE makes several attempts to locate past members, but sometimes we are unable to find a current address. It is in these cases that the Capital Credits are considered unclaimed and the dollars are made available in the form of local scholarships. 

ECE has donated a portion of these Capital Credits to the Milaca Scholarship Foundation to be given out as scholarships to the son or daughter of an ECE member who is graduating from Milaca High School and will be continuing with his or her higher education. 

ECE is pleased to have these funds available to give as a scholarship to an MHS graduate. 

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Herb G. Claffy Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Herb was born on October 7, 1927 in Ada to Florabelle (Wickett) and William Claffy. He grew up in Thief River Falls, graduating from Lincoln High School in 1944. Herb was a standout athlete lettering in football, basketball, and track. He was president of his senior class and captain of the football team. he was a member fo the first class of the Thief River High School Prowlers Hall of Fame. Herb enlisted in the US Navy and was honorably discharged at the end of WWII. Herb attended the University of North Dakota where he played football and ran track. He was captain of the football team and was voted the most valuable player. He was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1952. 

Herb married Joyce Lunke on December 27, 1949. After college graduation, Herb and Joyce moved to Milaca where they raised their family. Herb was a beloved teacher and coach at Milaca High School. He taught biology, science, health, physical education, and drivers education. He also coached football, track, and baseball. He served as athletic director and in later years activities director. Herb brought girls athletics to MHS and was an advocate for Title IX. He was elected to the Minnesota High School Coaches Hall of Fame. He was honored at the University of North Dakota with the Thomas J. Clifford Award. He was a WCCO Prep Football Coach of the Week. He was a member of the first class of the MHS Hall of Fame. 

Herb loved the Milaca community and served as a volunteer in many capacities. He was a life member of the American Legion where he served as commander for two years. He also was a member of the honor guard for many years. He also coached the Legion baseball team. He developed and coached a summer "pee wee" baseball program for many years. He coached the Milaca Chiefs baseball team. Herb was a co-founder of the Milaca Ultra Golf Classic Tournament, raising a lot of money for the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. Herb was a civil defense director, a volunteer fireman, and the first signed organ donor in Mille Lacs County. 

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Gordon & Ione Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Gordon and Ione embarked on a relationship of love and happiness when they married in 1935, and it lasted for over 60 years. 

Gordon was born in 1907 to Albin (an early Milaca settler) and Anna (Thommassen) Allen. He spent an entire life contributing to the success of his beloved town of Milaca. At the age of 18, he joined his father and brother Waldo in teh family business, and from 1958  to 1973 he was the sole owner/operator of Allen's Department Store. Gordon served two terms as president of the Chamber of Commerce and was a driving force behind the growth of Milaca business. He was a charter member of the Lions Club, a past president of Trinity Lutheran Church, and director of the First National Bank of Milaca for 65 years. He was also one of the founders of the Milaca golf course. 

Ione Piper was born near Staples, MN to Harry & Sarah Jane (Ferguson) Piper and graduated from high school in 1926 and went on to attend St. Cloud Teachers College. She graduated from the U of M with a BS in Teaching & Supervision. Ione was the consummate professional teacher specializing in reading. She wrote the first Title One grant for Milaca Public Schools to help below-grade students in reading and math. She was a president of Milaca's Civic Club and Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star, plus did bookkeeping for Allen's Department Store. She received her Masters Degree from St. Cloud State University in 1965. After receiving a Certificate of Excellence as one of the state's top 25 teachers, she traveled the Midwest giving seminars of how to obtain grants for reading programs. 

Gordon passed away in 1996 and Ione in 2005. This scholarship was established and funded by their son Robert and wife Lee, plus memorials from family and friends. This award is to be given to a student whose parents are in the business area, or whose major is Education with an emphasis on Reading or Business. 

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John T. "Jack" Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Jack Allen, the son of Burton P. Sr. and Stella (Thompson) Allen was born in Milaca on June 20, 1923 and lived here for 10 years before the family moved to Wabash, IN. 

Much of Jack's life revolved around music and the piano. His piano instruction began in Milaca and continued in Wabash as he completed his elementary and high school education. He was the student director of the Wabash High School Orchestra and was one of the students honored for achieving outstanding accomplishments and leadership in extracurricular activities. Jack gave concerts in Wabash and Milaca when he was 16 and while in high school he composed two numbers for the Mirror Club at Chicago University which were accepted and used in a musical production and later published. After one year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Jack went on to study piano under Bomar Cramer and the renowned pianist Rudolph Ganz at the University of Chicago of Music where in 1943 he met and married his wife Margaret McKee, a fellow student concert pianist. Jack continued his piano studies at the Detroit Conservatory of Music and at Columbia University. 

At college he had been a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and was also a member of the American Legion, having served in the US Army from 1942-43. In 1949, Jack, his wife and two children, Michael and Sherrie, moved to New York City where he continued his concert and piano work until his death in 1955. 

This annual scholarship was established and funded by Jack's brother, Pete Allen and his wife Thora of Milaca. They would like this award to go to someone going into education, and more specifically music education if possible, or some area of the arts. 

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Jacobsen Family Endowment Scholarship

Harry Jacobsen (1896-1995) was born in Iowa. His family moved to the Foreston area to farm in 1913. As a young man, Harry took an interest in automobiles, moved to Detroit to work for Ford Motor Co., and eventually returned to Milaca to work for the local Ford dealer, Ed Odegard. In 1926, he became a partner with E.E. Kunkle at North Star Garage. He then bought out his partner in 1932 and began selling Dodge autos in 1935. 

Florence (Johnson) Jacobsen (1898-1978) was born and raised in the Foreston area. She graduated from Milaca High School in 1918, St. Cloud Teachers College in 1926, and taught at several area country schools. 

Harry and Florence were married in 1927, made their home and raised their son, Harold (1929-2007) in Milaca. They had a strong sense of community and civic duty. Florence was a member of the Current Events Club, Milaca Area Hospital Auxiliary, Mille Lacs County Red Cross, Eastern Star, and past president of the Milaca Civic Club. She also served on the Milaca School Board, Forest Hill Cemetery Board, and was an active member of the Milaca United Methodist Church where she was a Sunday school teacher and superintendent for many years. Harry was a member of the Milaca Volunteer Fire Department and past chief. 

Their son, Harold Jacobsen, graduated from MHS in 1947, served with his National Guard unit in Korea, and returned to Milaca to work in the family business. He also started the H.E. Jacobsen Bus Co., transporting Milaca area school students for nearly 30 years. Harold married his homemaker wife, Pearl, in 1956 and they raised their six children in Milaca. Harold was also a member of the Milaca Volunteer Fire Department and the Milaca United Methodist Church. 

This annual scholarship was established through a gift from Pearl Jacobsen and memorial gifts from Harold's many friends and business associates. 

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Leonard M. & Gladys M. Paulson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Gov. Elmer L. Andersen described Judge Leonard Paulson as "truly a man for all seasons." While Leonard certainly did enjoy all of Minnesota's four seasons, what Gov. Andersen meant, and went on to say, was that Leonard "was an outstanding citizen, a highly esteemed judge, and a leader whose interests have been diverse and far-reaching. Leonard always had the betterment of individuals and the community as a whole at the core of his many endeavors."

One of nine children, Leonard was born on a farm near Lostwood, ND on Jan. 17, 1922. His family soon moved to Poplar, MT where he attended Poplar Public Schools. While still in high school, Leonard was recruited by St. Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, MN to play sports, and from there he graduated in 1940. He then attended St. Thomas College in St. Paul and earned his BA degree, Magna Cum Laude. This was followed by acceptance into the University of Minnesota Law School where he earned his law degree while also holding a full-time job. In 1946 Leonard joined and became a partner in the law firm of Foster, Burry & Ryan in Milaca, which became the firm of Ryan & Paulson, and sometime later the firm of Paulson and Lines when William P. "Bill" Lines joined the firm. 

Gladys Koehn was born December 4, 1915 on a farm near Hewitt, MN, one of five children. She excelled in school and graduated early at age 16 from Bertha Hewitt High School and began working to earn her way through nurse training. She graduated from the RN program at St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth and began her nursing career at St. Mary's Hospital in Minneapolis. Shortly thereafter, Gladys was recruited to help staff the new Milaca Memorial Hospital that was being built by Dr. C. J. Henry in memory of his daughter. 

In 1947, Leonard and Gladys formed the most important partnership of their lives when they were married in October. Gladys and Leonard went on to raise their four children in Milaca while continuing their respective careers.

Leonard became the Judge of Mille Lacs County Probate & Juvenile Courts, then presided as Judge of Mille Lacs County Court, and finally as District Court Judge serving Mille Lacs, Kanabec, and Morrison Counties before retiring after 29 years on the bench. 

Gladys worked for many years as an RN at the Milaca Memorial Hospital, at the Henry-Keith Clinic, at the Keith Clinic, and at the new Milaca Area Hospital before her retirement. She greatly enjoyed her lifelong career in nursing. 

Both Leonard and Gladys were very active in their community. They worked tirelessly on many area-wide projects that included the establishment of new Milaca elementary and high schools, the Milaca Area Hospital, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and the Milaca Library. 

Over the years, Judge Paulson was Chairman of the Mille Lacs County Red Cross, the County School Organization Committee, St. Paul's Lutheran Church Board, the Central MN Initiative Foundation Board, and the Milaca Scholarship Foundation Board. He also chaired the Five County Mental Health Board and the Milaca Lion's Club. 

Leonard served on the Milaca School Board from the time his first child started school until his youngest child graduated, a span of nearly 20 years. 

Judge Paulson worked with formed Gov. Elmer L. Andersen on many projects, and when Leonard passed away on November 25, 2003, this endowed scholarship was funded by Gov. Andersen, who expressed his hope that the students who receive this award will be inspired by the Judge's life of public service. 

After Leonard's passing, Gladys continued to participate in many of the causes that were important to both of them until she passed away on November 12, 2015. 

To honor her memory, and to recognize her many contributions to the community, Gladys and Leonard's friends and family have now asked that the scholarship be given in both of their names, and have provided additional funding to the original scholarship endowment. 

This scholarship represents the Paulsons' dedication to each other, the Milaca community, and to the importance of education in all of our lives.  

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Ken Trimble Memorial Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of Ken Trimble, a graduate of MHS and lifelong resident of Milaca. Ken was an extremely active member of the Milaca Jaycees, a multi-term Mayor of Milaca, a member of the Milaca Golf Club, and an active member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Milaca. Ken was employed by the State of MN Department of Revenue in their computer division, and was active in all phases of community service. 

As a Jaycee, Ken served in all offices and chaired all projects, some twice. Ken created and started the very first Sno Dayz in Milaca and was honored State Jaycee officer receiving the Distinguished Service Award, and was completely committed to serving the community of Milaca. 

During his term as Mayor, Ken was instrumental in Milaca getting its Star City status, supported community projects, and offered Milaca government some of its best years. Ken also organized and was chairman of the first Milaca All-School Reunion. 

The Milaca Nursery School program was actively supported by Ken, along with regular participation in, and treasurer for many years of, the Milaca Golf Club, which annually holds the Trimble Best Ball Tournament in his honor. 

This perpetual scholarship was funded by the Milaca Jaycees. From the proceeds of many fundraisers, they donated $10,000 to MSF, enabling our fondation to award a $500 Ken Trimble Memorial Endowment Scholarship each year. When money allows, the foundation often increases this award with funds earned by the foundation. This scholarship is to go to a student to plans to major in Computer Science, a computer-related field, or the best possible candidate. 

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Leonard A. & Anna Sageng Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Leonard was born in 1912 to Ferdinand and Cecilia Johnson in Page Township, Mille Lacs County, and attended Tibbets Brook country school. He was employed at the Ford Assembly Plant in St. Paul but returned to farm the 160-acre family farm in Page Township. He served on the Tibbets Brook School Board, the Page Town Board for 15 yeasr, as well as the ASC and FHA boards. He married Anna in 1949 and they raised five children on the farm they loved, known in early years as "Clover Dale Farm," which was designated a MN Century Farm in 2001. 

Anna Marie Sageng was born in 1916 to Halvor and Eve Sageng on a farm in Page Township, 10 miles northwest of Milaca. She also attended Tibbets Brook, grades 1-8, graduated from MHS in 1933, and completed her normal teacher's training in Milaca and St. Cloud. Anna went on to teach grades 1-8 in Mille Lacs County country schools for 12 years. She also served on the Tibbets Brook School Board and as a 4-H leader. In 1969, Anna returned to teaching as a teacher's aide in Milaca Elemenary School and taught until 1978. Anna had a lifelong love of teaching, guiding, and nurturing children and a special appreciation of the education profession. 

Leonard and Anna were dairy farmers until 1978 when they sold the farm to their son, Mark, but continued to live on the farm until 1998. Leonard enjoyed fishing and hunting and following the Twins. Anna was known for her kind and generous spirit, wonderful cooking, and her work ethic. 

After 52 years of marriage, Leonard passed away in 2001 and Anna in 2006. This annual scholarship was established and funded in their honor by their son, Larry A. Johnson. 

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Luddy R. Martinson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Luddy Martinson was first and foremost a teacher who loved kids. He was born in 1920 in Palisade, MN to Louis & Mabel (Soderquist) Martinson. Raised in Milaca, Luddy graduated from MHS in 1938 and received his BS and Master's Degrees from the University of MN. Luddy served in the US Army Corp of Engineers during WWII. In 1945 he married the former June Anderson. He and his wife also owned and operated the Martinson Nursing Home in Milaca for many years and always enjoyed their cabin on Mille Lacs Lake. 

Luddy taught mathematics in the Milaca schools until 1963. During many of those years he acted as Scout Master with six boys achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in one year. After 1963, Luddy explored many avenues of interest including attending the Boy Scouts of America Administrators School in Mendam, NJ, and acted as Regional Boy Scout Administrator for the Upper Midwest, which included Montana, North & South Dakota, and Minnesota. He was also involved in civil engineering in Alaska, but found his true skill and calling in teaching, and he left a lasting impression on the students he taught. He taught junior and senior high in Chehalis, WA, and was the vice principal in the Juvenile Correction Institution at Green Hill in Chehalis for 20 years. Luddy served on the Washington State Commission of the Blind for several years as well. Always active in the communities in which he lived, Luddy was a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Chehalis, the Tumwater American Legion, the Elks Lodge, Olympia Masonic Lodge #1, Sons of Norway, was one of the first members of the Olympia Micro Computer Users Group, and was also a member of the Washington Retired Teachers' Association. The Martinsons had one son, Joel, and two grandchildren. Luddy passed away in 2003. 

This annual endowment scholarship was established and funded by his wife, June. 

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Paul A. Olson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Paul Olson, a lifelong resident of Milaca, was born here in 1910 to Alfred and Caroline Olson, who were early pioneers of this community. He graduated from MHS in 1928 and attended Drake University where he was an All-Star football player. He was married in 1934 to Kathrine Graeser, and after her death he married Florence Johnson in 1953. Paul was in the US Navy in WWII and after being honorably discharged was a captain in the National Guard. He was called back into active duty during the Korean War and was sent to Korea. 

For over 62 years, Paul worked for the Alfred Olson Company, the store that his father founded in Milaca. He built a new grocery store in Milaca in 1967, later affiliated with SuperValue, and sold the store to his son Rick in 1972. 

Following in his father's footsteps, Paul served on the Village Council and was Mayor for two terms. He was a volunteer member of the Milaca Fire Department and also a member of the Milaca Legion Post #178. He served on the Milaca Business Development Corporation, on the Board of Directors for First National Bank of Milaca, and was honored as the WCCO Radio Good Neighbor. He not only served the retail needs of Milaca for 62-plus years, but was very involved and interested in his community and was always very humble about his achievements. Paul passed away in 1977 and Milaca lost a highly respected citizen. 

This annual memorial scholarship was established through a generous gift from the Olson family to the MSF Endowment Fund, and with memorial gifts from Paul's many friends and business associates. 

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Martha Ostmoe Jarrells Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Martha Ostmoe and her identical twin sister, Mary, were born in St. Cloud, MN in 1948. The family moved to Milaca in 1954 where her father, Theodore J. Ostmoe, was an Industrial Arts teacher and basketball, football, and golf coach from 1954 to 1982. Her mother, Jane Ostmoe, was an elementary school secretary for the district. Martha attended school in Milaca, graduating in 1966. She was active in 4-H and many other activities in school and was so proud of her hometown and having grown up in Milaca. 

Martha attended the University of MN-Duluth from 1966-1970, receiving a BS Degree in Home Economics with an emphasis on food and nutrition, and a minor in Health. She and William Jarrells of Wheaton, MN were married in 1970. Their son, Brian, was born in 1975 and a daughter, Jennifer, in 1978. Martha taught junior high students for eight years and then taught functionally handicapped adults for 12 years. She was also employed at Land O' Lakes in Consumer Affairs and on the Holiday Bake Line for over 10 years. 

Martha, the consummate teacher and family organizer, also loved to read and collect cookbooks. Martha lived for her family, and family events were very important to her. She loved to travel to new places, try new recipes, new restaurants, and to meet people, for she had a wonderful way with people. Her manner let you know she cared and that your answers were important to her. 

Life made Martha happy. As family went through pictures, what always stands out is her smile. Martha passed away in 2001 from cardiac arrest. Because of Martha's deep love of family, friends, teaching, and life, William Jarrells and family have established this scholarship in her honor. The family hopes that, in some small way, this scholarship will aid Milaca students in their academic pursuits.  

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Ted & Jane Ostmoe Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Theodore was born in 1920 in Columbia Heights, MN, graduating from high school there. He went on to graduate from St. Cloud Teachers College in 1942, where he was captain of the basketball team. Ted then enlisted in the US Navy, serving as a lieutenant during WWII on a destroyer, the USS Bagley, in the Pacific from 1943-1945. He began his teaching career in Ogilvie, MN, but in 1954 Ted brought his family to Milaca where he taught industrial arts and was basketball, golf, and ninth grade football coach. Although he retired from teaching in 1982, Ted continued to coach golf until 1988. During these years he was the MN State High School Golf Coach of the Year in 1983 and led his 1982 girls golf team to win the state championship. 

Ted was a member of the Hansen-Hayes American Legion Post #178 and was an active member and past president of the Milaca Golf Club, receiving the club's first Lifetime Achievement Award. He was highly regarded for his woodworking and drafting skills, and his craftsmanship is evident in many area homes and buildings, including the First National Bank of Milaca. Ted and Jane Richard were married in 1944 and raised their family of five children in Milaca. Jane was born in St. Cloud, graduating from St. Cloud Tech High School, and went on to attend the College of St. Benedict & Drews Business College. She began work as a secretary for Milaca Schools in 1965, retiring in 1987. Jane was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church and enjoyed volunteer work. After 58 years of marriage, Jane and Ted passed away in 2002. 

This memorial scholarship represents Ted and Jane's dedication to Milaca Public Schools, their concern for education and the well-being of children, and the extreme love they had for children. This scholarship was established by the Ostmoe children and Ted and Jane's many friends.  

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Thora Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Thora (Olson) Allen was born into a hardware store family in Wisconsin in 1937. Her parents, C. Walter and Elvira Olson; two brothers, Edgar and Phillip; and a sister, Lenore, were active in the store. The boys started college at St. Olaf, but when WWII began, Edgar went to the South Pacific with a Navy unit and Phil entered the Air Force. Thora's parents were not able to handle the hardware store by themselves, so they sold it and moved to Virginia, MN. When the war ended, the boys encouraged their parents to return to the hardware store business. In about 1949, the family bought the Coast to Coast store in Milaca, later known as Ace Hardware. Thora began 7th grade in Milaca, graduating from MHS in 1955. In high school, she was active in band, chorus, theater, cheerleading, was editor of the MHS yearbook, a member of the National Honor Society, and was selected as Miss Milaca in 1954. 

Thora graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul with a degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Technology. Thora and Burton P. Allen Jr. (Pete) were married in 1959. As a Medical Technologist, Thora went to work for the old Princeton Hospital, calibrating their existing chemistries and blodd studies and establishing new studies. With the arrival of their first son, Eric, delivered by a good friend, Dr. Paul Keith, Thora thought she was finished with work outside her home, but Dr. Keith asked her to set up a laboratory in his new clinic where she worked through the births of two more sons, Andrew & Kirby. A fourth son, Matthew, was born in 1974, joining a family who was very busy in the community and in banking. 

Thora was a member of Zion Lutheran Church where she taught Bible school, worked with the Sunday School, served on the council and sang in the choir for more than 40 years. She became the awards person for the Cub Scouts and was given a plaque "in Appreciation for Devoted and Untiring Work" from Troop 19 of the Boy Scouts. She also enjoyed working with Pete in all of his activities, community and statewide. 

Education was always important to Thora, and she was involved in many school projects and committees. She received a "Milaca Pride" plaque and Certificate of Appreciation from District 912 and the community for her "Interest, Enthusiasm, and Valuable Assistance," and in 2011 she was inducted into the Milaca High School "Hall of Fame." 

Thora's involvement with the Milaca Scholarship Foundation began almost from the time it was established in 1987. She was appointed Awards Chairperson in 1993 and assumed that responsibility for more than 18 years until her retirement in 2011. Because of her long dedication to MSF, her husband Pete established this scholarship in her name. 

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Tuovi & Viola Salo Family Memorial Music Endowment Scholarship

Tuovi Salo, or just "Salo" as he was af­fectionately called, was born in Crosby-lronton, MN in 1919, attending public school in Kee­watin, MN and was active in many music programs. Salo gradu­ated from Hibbing Ju­nior College where he was a member of the State Champion­ship Basketball team of 1937-38, and he completed his college education at St. Cloud State Teachers Col­lege. He married Viola Mantyla in 1942 and began his teaching career in the Milaca Public Schools in 1946. Except for one year, he was Director of I nstru­mental Music in Milaca until 1967. 

With this musical gift, combined with a genuine affection for people, Salo made his students, his band members, and the entire town of Milaca his extended family. During the 1950s and early 60s, the Milaca marching bands were outstanding, winning many awards, such as WCCO Prep Band of the Year, and competed in parades across the state. 
After Salo retired, The Alumni Band was organized for the Mi­laca Centennial Cel­ebration in 1986. These members convinced him to come out of re­tirement to direct the band, giving concerts in the park and marching in area parades. 
Vi, Salo's wife, was an integral part of his musical life. Vi became the Alumni Band's sec­retary, librarian and custodian. She was responsible for corre­sponding with parade staffs, organizing the performances and, most important, mak­ing sure Salo was at every event, decked out in those bright red pants and Alumni Band T-shirt. 

Salo was a past pres­ident of the Lions Club, a member of the Ma­sons and the MEA. Vi owned a floral shop and they were both active members of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Mi­laca. They raised their family of four daughters here. 
On Sept. 23, 1995, the Vi & Tuovi Salo Day was declared in Mi­laca, honoring them for bringing their gift of mu­sic to Milaca. The First National Bank of Milaca dedicated $5,000 to the scholarship founda­tion's Endowment Fund in their name, and the Alumni Band added over $3,000 later. When Vi passed away in 1997 and Salo in 1998, the daughters dedicated memorial monies to the fund along with memorial money for Vi & Salo's daughter, Jeanne (Salo) Larsen, who passed away in 2004. The family asked that the money and her name be added to the Salo Music Scholarship. It is said of Vi and Salo, "God created the music, Vi and Tuovi played it, and Milaca danced to it for 50 years." 

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Vern & June Koch Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Vernon & June Koch have been important members of the Milaca area community for many years. Vernon A Koch, born in 1913 in Rock Rap­ids, Iowa, moved with his family to a farm northeast of Milaca in 1915_ He attended the O'Neil School, District #49 through 8th grade, riding his horse five miles to high school in Milaca prior to rural bus service, and gradu­ated from Milaca High School in 1931.

June (Swanson) Koch was born in 1922 at the family home in Borgholm Township, along with a twin sis­ter_ She attended Hay­land School, District #25 through 8th grade, graduating from Milaca High School in 1939, and later from Cables' Secretarial College in St Paul.

The early 30s were depression years, so Vern took employment wherever he could find it, working for area farmers, the Milaca Creamery, and then the Seeger Refrigerator Company in St PauL In July of 1941 Uncle Sam drafted him into the US Army where he served in an Infan­try Company for over four years, over 1/2 of that time in the Aleu­tian Islands. Returning to the States in 1944, he served as a Supply Sergeant for his unit in CO, SC and AL. Vern and June were married in 1944.

Using the GI Train­ing Bill for veterans, Vern began working at the Milaca Co-op Hard­ware store. In 1947 he decided to open a hard­ware store in Foreston. Eventually moving his business to a larger building there, June joined him in the com­pany and they were there for 28 years. 

In 1975 they built the Hardware Hank store west of Milaca. Vern & June always put the concerns & needs of their customers first. They retired from the business in 1988 and sold the store to members of their family.  

During these many years, they raised a family of six girls and a nephew, and were active members of St Paul's Lutheran Church. Vern was also a member of the Foreston Fire Department and the American Legion, and June was a 4-H leader as well as serving on the School Board of the Foreston Grade School. They have al­ways been caring and committed members of the community and supportive of their fam­ily endeavors. June passed away in 2011 and Vern in 2012. This scholarship was established in their honor by their daugh­ter Jean and husband Mike and family. 

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Wallace Eklund Family Endowment Scholarship

Wally and Marge Eklund arrived in Milaca in July of 1954, for Wallace had been appointed to the position of Vocational Agriculture Instructor and FFA Advisor for the Milaca Public Schools. Wally, as the Milaca folks called him, filled this responsibility for 12 years. 

In 1966, Wally was appointed to a newly created position of Assistant Principal in Milaca under the guid­ance of Principal Jerome Rhode. After four years in this capacity, he was appointed Administrative Assis­tant to Milaca's Superintendent Q.S. Dahlager.

During his professional career in Milaca, Wally served as President of the Milaca Teachers Association, the Mille Lacs County Agriculture Men's Society, the Milaca Lions Club, and Rural Area Development Committee. He was also the secretary of the Zion Lutheran Church Council, a member of the Milaca Chamber of Commerce, a director of the Mille Lacs county Agriculture Society, and a MN Representative to four National Education Association Conferences in addition to numerous State Education mem­berships.

The Eklunds left Milaca in 1971 when Wally became the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in lnver Grove Heights, MN. The position in lnver Grove Heights lasted for 16 years. The Eklund family included five children, the two eldest of which graduated from Milaca High School, and the oth­er three had their educational start in this school system. The education of their five children was paramount to Wally and Marge, and all five chil­dren have been extremely successful in their respective careers.

The fam­ily is very grateful for the educational opportunities provided for them in Mi­laca schools which started them on the road to their successful careers. For this reason, they felt the de­sire to establish and fund this schol­arship.

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ISD 912 Administration & School Board Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by personal donations toward this award by members of the administration and school board. They have stated the following: "It is great pride that the Milaca School District Administration and School Board makes available a scholarship through the Milaca Scholarship Foundation each year. Our dedication to the students who attend Milaca High School is displayed through this scholarship. We feel if we can help one of our students to achieve a college or technical school education, it will help both the student and society in general." 

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Alvin G. & Marian J. Lamprecht Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Alvin Lamprecht lived his entire life in the Milaca area. As a young man, he worked on logging and threshing crews and after his marriage the couple es­tablished their own farm. 

Alvin was involved in many business enterprises during his lifetime. He op­erated a portable feed mill in the area and later went into the Millam Imple­ment business with his two brothers-in-law. In 1963 he began operating school buses and a milk truck route, and in 1966 he purchased a gas station and bulk business known as Foreston Oil. 

Marian Jeanette Lamprecht was born February 26, 1923 to Arthur and Mabel (Abel) Millam in Mudgett Township, Mille Lacs County, MN. She was the ninth of eleven children. She was an excellent cook and baker. In 1964, Marian and her sister, Edna, opened the White Tower Cate. It was small with only ten stools and one booth. They were known for their home cooked meals and delicious pies. She was united in marriage to Alvin Lamprecht on November 4, 1944 at Zion Lutheran Church in Milaca. 

Marian's true love was music. Marian and Al loved to go to old time danc­es. Marian taught her girls to dance around the kitchen table. On Saturday night, they were usually at Ann Lake dancing_ Marian's other love was playing cards. She loved playing 500 and was very competitive. Marian also loved the outdoors. She loved skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing, especially with her grandsons. 

Marian and Al worked together on the farm seven miles south of Bock. In the 1960s they lived in and operated the Milaca Hotel for a year. They then moved above Millam Brothers Implement. Al retired in 1986 and he and his wife moved to a home on Mille Lacs Lake. 

Al and Marian loved to travel. Tiley went to Germany to visit her brother, Lester, and to the State of Washington to visit her brother, Bob. They also loved going to the Black Hills and the trip they made to Hawaii with relatives. In 1979, they brought thirty relatives on a school bus to Florida for Christmas, playing 500 all they way down and back. 

This annual memorial endowed scholarship was established by his family; Marian, and daughters, Sue Westling and Sharon Alkire. Alvin passed away in 1996 and Marian in 2017.

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Bremer Bank-Princeton Scholarship 

Bremer Bank takes seriously its mission of building the economics of the communities it serves. The funding of this scholarship is part of their commitment to the Milaca community:

"We wish you well in your educational pursuits and trust that the foundation of learning which you have received from the community will reap rich rewards for your future." 

Bremer Bank has requested that this scholarship be awarded to a student pursuing an advanced education in business, finance or accounting, but has given the MSF the freedom to award it "at large" should a student not be avail­able that meets these requirements. 

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Greater Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce Endowment Scholarship

The Greater Milaca Area Cham­ber of Commerce consists of many businesses in Milaca and surround­ing communities who realize that a strong community is directly related to a progressive and solid base of lrfe for all members of the community.

The Chamber believes in and sup­ports the youth or our area, for the future of our community is obviously our youth. And they believe too, that a solid education is a way to ensure that future. This perpetual scholarship is funded by the Greater Milaca Area Chamber of Commerce. Through the efforts of their business people, the Chamber was able to donate $10,000 to the MSF's Endowment Fund, which enables the foundation to award an annual $500 Endowment Scholarship in the Chamber's name. 

It is through the continued support of all of the businesses represented through the Chamber of Commerce, who are committed to the educational goals and financial needs of young people, the MSF is able to award scholarships to deserving students. 

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Doug & Toby Henschel Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Doug was born in 1923 to Allan and Mae Henschel. He was raised by his paternal grandmother, Bertha Henschel and graduated from Mi­laca High School in 1941. After his return from service in the U.S. Navy in WWII, Doug worked as a plumbing contractor. He was a letter carrier for 25 years in Milaca and following his retirement enjoyed a new career as a realtor. 

Doug was dedicated to his family, which consisted of his wife, Toby, and daughters, Pat, Kay LaRae and Pam and made them and his community his priorities during his lifetime. He and Toby traveled frequently with his daughters and their families on vaca­tions and Doug particularly looked forward to winter trips to AZ and CA to visit friends and attend baseball games. 

Doug was very committed to in­volvement in the community and contributed his time and energy to a number of organizations whose goal it is to improve community life. He was a member of the Economic De­velopment Corporation, the Initiative Fund, the Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion. He was mayor of Milaca and a member of the city council for many years. A project which was very special to Doug was the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. He was a long-time member of the United Methodist Church. 

Toby was born at home, February 12, 1924 in Foreston, Minnesota to Ted and Anna (Heins) Tobias. She graduated from Milaca High School and later married Douglas Henschel on July 12, 1946. Not long after com­pleting beauty college, Toby estab­lished her own business, operating a beauty shop first in downtown Milaca, then out of her home. She enjoyed her work for nearly 70 years, retiring March, 2014. 

Toby was an avid gardener and accomplished knitter. She was a dedi­cated church member, involved in many activities and projects there. She especially enjoyed baking bread and cooking for family and friends. Toby loved fishing and spending time with her grandchildren at the cabin. She was an energetic, youthful spirit.

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Employees of the First National Bank of Milaca Endowment Scholarship

Dear Milaca High School Graduate,

The employees of the First National Bank of Milaca would like to congratu­late you on your graduation from Milaca High School. Your experience at Milaca High School is a sound foundation for your choice to further your education. We know how important post-secondary schooling can be and we take pride in personally helping you financially support your advanced education. This scholarship comes directly from our salaries in hopes of helping you reach your career goals. Believe in yourself as we believe in you. 

The Employees of the First National Bank of Milaca. 

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Milaca Scholarship Foundation's Endowment Fund Scholarship

These scholarships are made pos­sible through interest earned on the Endowment Fund established by the Milaca Scholarships Founda­tion. This Endowment Fund is made up, in part, of gifts from persons and from organizations who wish to have awards given to students graduating from Milaca High School who are planning to continue their educa­tion in certain designated areas of higher learning, such as Health care, Education, Science or Business, etc: and, in part, of gifts to the Fund which are not designated for any particular field of study, but for MHS graduates who wish to go on with their education. 

As people remember the Milaca Scholarship Foundation in their an­nual charitable donations, in their Wills, with Memorials for loved ones and friends, through gifts from Class Reunions or to honor an anniver­sary or family member, and for many other reasons--this Endowment Fund constantly grows, as only the inter­est the fund earns is used to fund scholarships_ As the Endowment Fund grows, the number and size of the Endowment Fund Scholarship Awards we can make each year also grow. 

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Gary St. John Memorial Endowment Scholarship

This perpetual scholarship was established and funded by the Milaca Jay­cees. With proceeds of many fund raisers, they donated $10,000 to the Milaca Scholarship Foundation Endowment Fund, enabling our foundation to award a $500 Gary St. John Memorial Endowment Scholarship each year. This annual award is given in memory of Gary St. John, who died in a tragic fire at a young age. Gary was a dedicated member of the Milaca Jaycees and was very active in service to his community. 

As a graduate of Milaca High School, he continued his education at St. Cloud Technical College in the fields of Accounting and Business. This interest in accounting was generated during high school and while he was the Milaca Jaycee treasurer. Gary served on many service projects, most notably as chairman of the Hon­ey Sunday Project, which raised funds for the mentally challenged. 

This scholarship was started many years ago by the Milaca Jaycees and was one of the first scholarships to be offered to Milaca High School seniors. 

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Milaca Scholarship Foundation's Golf Classic Scholarship

These scholarships are made possible from the proceeds realized from the Milaca Scholarship Foundation's Ultra Golf Classic. Each year our foundation conducts a 'Ultra Golf Classic' fundraiser in which contestants enjoy nine holes of golf, treats, fun, prizes and dinner--all of which is followed by an auction at which numerous articles, largely donated by our local busi­ness people, are sold to the highest bidder. 

Part of the proceeds are used for current scholarship awards and part of the proceeds are added to our Endowment Fund. The interest earned from the Endowment Fund is used to fund other scholarships. The 'Golf Classic' is our biggest fund raiser that involves a lot of people work­ing and playing together for a great cause. 

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Governor Elmer L. Andersen Memorial Endowment Scholarship 

Education has always been the hallmark of governor Andersen's many decades of public service. As a State Senator he worked to im­prove the job potential and security of the teaching profession. He led recognition of the need for Special Education, for both the gifted and the physically/mentally challenged. As a graduate of the University of Min­nesota, he had a keen awareness of both the opportunities and responsibilities of a public land-grant univer­sity. Through his term as Governor, he continually advanced issues for the improvement of personal growth, through both challenges and rewards for individual accomplishment. He then led the University during a pe­riod of political and fiscal turmoil as a member, and then Chairman, of its board of Regents. 

Governor Andersen achieved his early goals of significant involve­ment in business, journalism, public service and agriculture. He led the H.B. Fuller company to Fortune 500 status, he led ECM Publishers, Inc. toward the ownership of a dozen Minnesota newspapers, including the Mille Lacs County Times, he served state government, and even ventured into farming enough to provide active support to the diary industry. Amid all of these careers, he had been an outstanding draftsman of enlightened corporate responsibilities to the pub­lic, customers, employees and own­ers. 

For these and many reasons, Pete and Thora Allen of Milaca have funded this $1,000 annual endowed scholarship for a Milaca High School student pursing an education in busi­ness, journalism or public service, or to the best candidate for this award. 

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John and Ardis Becklin Endowment Scholarship

John and Ardy (Byk­er) Becklin were both born and raised in Mi­laca, graduating from Milaca High School, John in 1945 and Ardy in 1951, and they were married in 1954. 

John went on to grad­uate from the University of Minnesota in Minne­apolis with a BA in Ac­counting and business. After his time spent in the U.S. Navy, John worked for Honeywell for 40 years as an Ac­countant. The Becklins retired in Milaca and John now enjoys play­ing golf, reading and playing cards. 

Ardy also went to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis to attain a degree in Art History. She then went to the Minneapolis Commu­nity College to study Business. Ardy worked for the Travelers In­surance Company for 40 years in Account­ing and the Personnel Department, and then was employed by the Princeton Insurance Company for 13 years. After retiring Ardy has become a super vol­unteer in almost any group you could name in Milaca, but two of her favorrtes, in which she also holds an office, is the Milaca Friends of the Library and the Mi­laca Historical Society. Ardy is also a member of the Milaca Scholar­ship Foundation. 

Both John and Ardy love to travel and are also very active in Mi­laca's Zion Lutheran Church. Because they have both always been interested in educa­tion, and in supporting education, they have established this En­dowment Scholarship which will help Milaca High School graduates go on to attain the con­tinuing education these students desire. 

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Medtronic Inc. Endowment Scholarship

Medtronic Incorporated is an international company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of heart pacemakers. Its founder, Earl Bakken, who started his business in a garage in Minneapolis, was responsible for the design and manufacture of the first pacemaker used at the University of MN in the late 1940s. The Milaca Medtronic plant had manufactured external pace­makers. 

The Medtronic Foundation is an extension of this company and reflects its founder's deep interest in, and commitment to, the health and betterment of communities around the world. Through its grant program, the Medtronic Foundation supports numerous and varied charitable and community oriented projects. Although the foundation is particularly interested in the communities where Medtronic has a plant or operation, grants are requested by, and award­ed to, community service projects worldwide. 

While the Medtronic plant was in Milaca, the Medtronic Foundation, through the Milaca Medtronic Grant Committee, had supported many various commu­nity endeavors, such as the Milaca School District's science programs, the Po­lice Water and Rescue Project and the Milaca Community Library. The Milaca Scholarship Foundation was the recipient of two grants that were placed in our Endowment Fund, the income on which now provides an annual scholarship in Medtronic's name. 

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Milaca Area District Hospital Endowment Scholarship

The Milaca Area District Hospital was started in 1966. The district consisted of six townships: Bogus Brook, Borgholm, Hayland, Milaca, Milo and Page. Also the four cities of Milaca, Foreston, Bock and Pease. Each entity was represented on the Board of Directors, whose responsibility was to supervise the hospital and its facilities. 

Shortly after leasing the facility to Fairview Hospitals, the Milaca Area Hospi­tal received a gift of money from a local resident's estate. At a special Board of Director's meeting in 2002, it was voted to put the dollars back into the community through an Endowment to the Dollars for Scholars program of the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. Three $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year to three students, two Milaca High School seniors and one post-secondary student, studying for a career in the medical field. 

The need for Medical people is great! The members of the Milaca Area Dis­trict Hospital Board of Directors were pleased to help in this way. 

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Pat Nelson Education Minnesota Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Pat Nelson who has been an edu­cator in the Milaca School District for 34 years. Pat was raised in St. Paul, MN and received her early educa­tion in the Bloomington and Cottage Grove areas in MN, graduating form high school in 1966. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls and went on to receive two Masters Degrees from St. Cloud State Univer­sity. Pat continued to teach graduate courses in teacher education as an Adjunct Professor for St. Mary's University of MN. 

As an educator, Pat firmly believes in lifelong learning and was also a strong union advocate and believer in the collective bargaining process found in Education Minnesota. She feels that Education Minnesota has done much to promote and support student education at a high level while, at the same time, protecting the rights of those educators who help all students learn. This award is to be given to a student whose family is part of Education Minnesota. 

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Pete & Karen Hydukovich Endowment Scholarship

Pete and Karen Hydukovich were born and raised in the Iron Range com­munity of Chisholm, MN. After graduating in 1966, Pete enrolled at Bemidji State College and graduated in 1970. He started teaching in Milaca in the fall of 1970 as an elementary teacher and retired after 37 years of service. During those years he coached a variety of Jr High sports, including baseball, track, girls and boys basketball and football. He started running in the late 1970s and completed in five Grandma Marathons. Karen graduated from CHS in 1970 and worked in Duluth and Hibbing before moving to Milaca and working at ECM in Princeton as a graphic artist, where she worked for 28 years. She is a volunteer at the Milaca Food Pantry and Elm Home. She enjoys reading, golf­ing, traveling and walking. 

Pete and Karen are both involved with the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. Knowing the importance of education, they decided to establish an endowed scholarship for seniors of Milaca High School that are pursuing a degree in Elementary Ed or Education. 

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Richards Family Endowment Scholarship

The Richards Family Endowment Scholarships were established in 2001 by Dr. Julee Richards, MD. Julee graduated from Milaca High School in 1978, receiving her B.A. and M.D. degrees from the University of MN. She specializes in Dermatolo­gy and practices medicine in Oregon. Julee has established these scholar­ships to honor her mother and father.

Her father, Dr. Richard H. Richards, DVM, practiced veterinary medicine in Milaca for many years. He was very active in the community, serving on the school board, as a dedicated Boy Scout leader, and as a member of the Lions Club. Her mother, Margaret, was a Home Economics teacher in the Milaca schools. She was also very involved in community service, being active in Campfire Girls, Boy Scouts, and in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Milaca. They have retired and are living at Mille Lacs Lake, where they enjoy fishing, gardening and golfing. 

There are two $500 Richards Fam­ily Scholarships awarded each year. These scholarships have been set up specifically to aid students interested in pursuing post-secondary studies in the fields of veterinary medicine, ag­riculture, teaching or health care. 

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Rudy Majerle Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Rudy Majerle was born in 1935 in Ely, MN. His paternal and maternal grandparents were immigrants from the Chrnomelj and Voina Vos areas of Slovenia. He spent his early years working at fishing camps in what is now the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. He helped builld the Babbitt, MN town-site, and also worked as a "gandy dancer" on the Babbitt-Silver Bay railroad. Rudy enrolled in junior college and under the guidance of ldelia Loso, the college's dean, went on to graduate from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Sci­ence degree in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and all Middle School Earth Sciences. While teaching in McGregor High School, he met and latter married Marion Hansen, a na­tive of Milaca, raising two sons, Mark & John. 

Rudy taught at Milaca for 28 years, teaching Life Science, Earth Science, and 6th grade Physical Science. He hoped every student gained some­thing from his class. He enjoyed ca­noeing and camping and after retiring from teaching Rudy spent much of his time doing mechanical repairs on cars, fishing, some hunting, garden­ing, logging and wood splitting, and he enjoyed baking bread. 

One of his students said of Rudy, "Mr. Majerle was my homeroom teacher throughout Middle School. I recall with pleasure his patience and efforts in providing a strong interest in learning across a diverse spectrum of subjects. We were a raucous bunch (myself included), but he effectively sent us on with a thirst for learning more. I hope this scholarship will be awarded to a student who is keen to learn more in his or her own life." 

Rudy passed away in 2003. This memorial scholarship was estab­lished by his mother, Mrs. Agnes Ma­jerle. 

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Milaca High School Staff Scholarship

The members of the staff, who established this scholarship, have followed the intellectual and personal growth of the students who receive this award from sixth grade, and sometimes earlier, all the way through graduating from high school. Their pride in, and dedication to, these students is displayed as they pursue an advanced education. The staff realizes how important education is, and they feel that if they can help one of their students go on to achieve a college or technical education, they will have aided in securing a successful future for that student. This scholarship is funded through individual donations to our foundation from the high school staff, as well as from monies from machine sales in their lounges, and is designated especially for this award. 

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Virgil Adkins Memorial Endowment Scholarship 

This scholarship is made possible because one Virgil Adkins, a longtime businessman in Milaca, who cared deeply about this community and its peo­ple, made a provision in his will placing money in a trust. His will provided that a percentage of this trust's earned income was to be used annually for scholar­ship awards for graduating seniors of Milaca High School who seek to further their education at an institution of higher learning. The money provides four or more annual scholarships. 

Virgil Adkins was born in 1905 to Mr. & Mrs. Clay Adkins in Wisconsin. Virgil grew up in Ronneby and attended school in Foley where he graduated from Foley High School in 1923. He began working in his father's store in Ronneby called the Clay Adkins and Sons General Store. 

Virgil and Mathilda Steffen were married in 1951 and they lived in Ronneby until 1956 when they moved to Milaca. He had built the Adkins Gas and Fuel Company in Milaca in 1937 and began to operate the station himself in 1956. After retiring, Virgil and Steff continued to live in Milaca. Virgil Adkins passed away in Milaca in 1989. It was then that the scholarships he had established in his will became one of the first endowed scholarships available to students through the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. 

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Milaca American Legion Post #178 Endowment Scholarship 

This perpetual scholarship is funded by the Milaca American Legion, Han­sen-Hayes Post #178. They have donated $10,000 to the Milaca Scholarship Foundation's Endowment Fund, and the interest earned on this donation en­ables the foundation to award a $500 Legion Endowment Scholarship annu­ally. The Milaca Legion strongly supports education in the Milaca community, and they support many curriculum activities in our schools. Besides their donation to MSF's Endowment Fund, the Legion has donated additional money through­out the years. The funds donated to the foundation came from the charitable gambling managed by the Legion Club. 

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First National Bank of Milaca Endowment Scholarship 

The First National Bank of Milaca funds two annual scholarships to seniors at Milaca High School. Over the years this bank has donated well over $40,000 to the Milaca Schol­arship Foundation's Endowment Fund, establishing these scholarships. In ad­dition, the bank continues to donate to the Endowment Fund and also donates generously toward the management and support of the foundation's many ac­tivities. The First National Bank and its leadership strongly believes in the youth of our area, that these people are "the future", and they believe too that a solid education is a way to ensure that future. It is through the continued support of this bank, that the MSF is able to award these scholarships to deserving students.

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Dr. Paul J. Keith Memorial Endowment Scholarship 

This scholarship was made possible through the generous gift to the MSF by the late Dr. Keith in his will. This gift allows us to give a scholarship of $1,000 each year - indefinitely - to a young man or women who is planning to further his or her education in medicine or a health related field. In addition to ministering to the health needs of our area for over 40 years, delivering thousands of babies, and being active in many causes bettering our community, Dr. Keith was a member of the original Board Of Directors of the MSF. Dr. Keith passed away on April 21, 1993. 

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Dusty McQuoid Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Loretta Mae "Dusty" Lamprecht, the daugh­ter of Haze & Art Lam­precht, was born in 1952 in St. Cloud, MN. Raised in the Milaca area, Dusty gradu­ated from Milaca High School where she met Terry McQuoid. They were high school sweethearts and within a few dates knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives to­gether.

After graduation they married and began a lifelong partnership. They had a dream then; to have their kids early in life, work hard, and retire early to enjoy the latter years play­ing and traveling. They started their business life together back then in small engine repair and snowmobile rac­ing; then farming plus a big firewood busi­ness, while Dusty also worked as a nursing assistant and then as a dental assistant for Dr. Berger in Onamia for 14 years.

All along she worked beside Terry and their two boys, Kevin & Aaron, on the farm cutting wood and on the walleye tour­nament trail. In 1991 Dusty and Terry then took on the building of the resort complex known as McQuoid's Inn in Isle, MN. There were 30 plus years of hard work for this family on all of these projects while at the same time building one of the most respected family guide service and fish house rental reputations in the industry. Terry said that he was the dreamer and she was the detail and operational person who made sure that ev­erything was done right and ran smoothly. 

Dusty always had the most positive attitude with a special knack for getting along with everyone and mak­ing each of them feel special with her warm smile. She was a sig­nificant contributor to the Isle community helping fund the Mille Lacs Tourism Asso­ciation plus serving as secretary for the Isle Commerce and Devel­opment group for many years. 

Dusty passed away in 2007. The annual scholarships were es­tablished by the Mc­Quoid family and their many friends and busi­ness associates. 

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Burton (Pete) Allen Memorial Endowment Scholarship

B.P. Allen, Jr. was born in Milaca, Minnesota, on November 23, 1928, to Burton and Stella Thompson Al­len. His parents allowed him to pick his own first name and he was known as just "Pete" until he chose to take his father's name. He grew up in Wabash, Indiana and graduated from Wabash High School in 1946. After graduation, he attended Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana, where for three summers, he rode on the jumping team as part of their Black Horse Troop. He returned to Culver for the following three sum­mers as a drill instructor and handi­craft teacher. 

Pete went on to graduate from Car­leton College in Northfield, Minne­sota, with a B.A. major in economics and a fair amount of success on their track team. ln 1952, he received his MBA in accounting from the Wharton Graduate Division of the University of Pennsylvania. During his second year in the MBA program, he was asked to teach accounting to under­graduates. 

After a brief stint on the audit staff of Arthur Anderson & Co. in Chicago, Pete enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, spending three years as a 1 st Lt. and Special Agent of Special Investiga­tions with duty in the U.S., Germany and London. 
In 1956, Pete returned to Milaca to join his father at The First National Bank of Milaca, an institution which has been in the Allen family since 1897. Pete's father, Burton Sr., was president for many years, as had his grandfather, J.A. Allen, since the early 1900s. 

Pete became president and CEO of First National Bank in 1965. He credits the bank's success to "the wonderful and loyal support of the bank staff and board of directors," of which he remained active as a direc­tor until his death. 
Pete always took civic responsibil­ity very seriously, and was involved at various times with numerous orga­nizations and countless community projects. Of community service, he said, "I think at some stage in life, people have got to do some think­ing about what it means to be a good citizen. What does that entail, and what opportunities are there? That's something that I think is important." He functioned as the chairman/ president of the Milaca Chamber of Commerce (three times), Central Mille Lacs United Way, Milaca Lions Club, Milaca Golf Club, City of Milaca Planning Commission and the Mi­laca Development Corporation. He was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church, American Legion, VFW and an active leader of the Central Min­nesota Council of Boy Scouts. In 2011, Pete and his wife, Thora, were elected to the Milaca High School Hall of Fame for their community ser­vice. Pete was also very instrumental in helping create and fund numerous scholarships for the Milaca Scholarship Foundation. 

Pete's career in finance extended far beyond his own community bank. As a banker, he was respected on both the statewide and national level, and served as the president of the Minnesota Bankers Association, di­rector of the American Bankers Asso­ciation, chairman of the American In­stitute of Banking and director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapo­lis. He was also a founder of Falcon National Bank in Foley, Minnesota, and for 12 years, was a director of ECM Publishers in Anoka. 

Pete married Thora (Olson) of Mil­aca in 1959. In 1963, Pete and Thora celebrated the birth of their first son, Eric, on the exact day--and hour--of the grand celebration that marked the opening of First National Bank's present location. The couple went on to have three more sons, Andrew, Kirby and Matthew. "We have four fine sons, all different in every re­gard," he noted. 

Pete and his family enjoyed life on the Rum River near Milaca, at their cabin on the beach at Mille Lacs Lake, as well as taking long motor home trips. He also enjoyed skiing, golfing, fishing and flying. He got his solo pilots license at age 62, and par­ticipated in a 2001 "round the world" airplane derby from Dubai to Bali. 

A lifelong passion for Pete was woodworking and tinkering in his workshop. Special projects and gifts thereof were marked with "BPA," Pete's horse brand from his early days. 

Pete loved his antique wooden boat collection. One boat that he refinished sunk immediately on its first excursion into the water, which became an often-repeated and em­bellished-upon family story. Another of Pete's classic wooden boats won three top awards at the 2000 Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance Wood­en Boat Show. It was donated and now resides in the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum in Alexandria, Min­nesota. Another recently refinished boat--a 17-foot 1942 Chris-Craft barrelback--was returned to Pete last fall after more than three years in the shop for refinishing. Like many of his unfinished projects, Pete was sad to note that he'd never see it in the water. 

Pete's advice for others: "That time wheel goes around faster than one might think. Set some focus of things that a person wants to do, whether they be work accomplishments or pleasure, for fun or travel, or what­ever." 
Pete passed away in 2012. This scholarship was provided by dona­tions by the First National Bank of Mi­laca, family, and friends and is to be given to a senior whose field of study is business. 

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Dale Rosenberg Endowment Scholarship

Dale graduated from Milaca High School in 1957. He spent four con­secutive summers working construc­tion in Colorado and New Mexico. He attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from the school of Mortuary Science in 1961. Dale was then drafted into the US Army in 1962 where he was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort Lee, VA; and USA Quartermaster Mortuary System in Orleans, France. He has been a resident of Alaska since 1964. He was ordered to active duty sta­tus in the US Army Reserve at Fort Richardson, Alaska. Dale was associ­ated with an Anchorage Funeral Firm for twenty-eight years. He helped many people in Anchorage, across Alaska and around the world. Dale was employed by Federal Express Corporation until retiring in 2004. He has been a past board member of Lutheran Church of Hope and pres­ent board member of Piedmont West Condominiums. Dale has also been a charter member of Captain Cook Athletic Club since 1965. The Dale Rosenberg Scholarship is being given to a Milaca Senior whose is attending a four year school and whose field of study is in medi­cine or nursing_ 

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Methodist Church Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible from contributions made by the women of the United Methodist Church and is given to a Milaca senior whose field of study is nursing. 

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Frank Gilbert Memorial Scholarship

Frank Louis Gilbert was born No­vember 17, 1926 in Milaca, MN to Fay C. and Anna M. (Smith) Gilbert He grew up on the family farm and graduated from Milaca High School in 1944. Frank earned a four year scholarship to Texas A&M, but the day before he was to leave, his father broke his leg and Frank stayed to help on the family farm for a time. He mar­ried Grace Wanquist in 1949 and to this marriage four children were born. Frank served in the National Guard from 1951-1952 and taught tank gun­nery at Camp Rucker, AL. After com­pleting his service, he moved his fam­ily back to the Milaca area, where he farmed for several years. He became a journeyman carpenter and worked for many years in construction.

Frank married Honor Diffan in 1982. They made their home in Minneapolis for a short time before moving near Grand Rapids, MN. There they retired and spent time gardening, fishing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Frank was very creative and inventive and always enjoyed working on projects. He enjoyed building and repairing clocks, learning new things, teach­ing his grandchildren and challenging them to "expand their horizons." He even learned computer technology and tutored adults at the local college at the age of 75. Frank and Honor moved to Milaca in 2007, where they resided until the time of his death in 2012. 

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Milaca Christmas Tour of Homes Scholarship 

The Milaca Area Christmas Home Tour idea first began in the Fall of 2011 in a typical conversation over coffee.

Milaca graduate and longtime resident, Becky Bergstrom and former Milaca resident, Shelly Hauge, decided to move forward with planning the event after throwing the idea past fellow MHS alum Julie Bemis, owner of Depot Floral in Milaca. The ladies were well aware that women (and men) are gather inspiration for their own home décor after visiting other homes and seeing how they decorate for the holidays. Even those who don't care to decorate themselves would also enjoy visiting others' homes.

The three friends eventually put together a list of gracious homeowners to host tours in their homes the first Saturday in December.  Each one has been a unique site full of holiday spirit.  

Every year four to six gracious homeowners open their homes to the public, knowing their work on this local holiday project helps support the journey of an MHS graduate who is heading off the learn new skills, develop discipline, and expand the world of Art  & Design. Funds donated on the tour benefit MSF each year. Then each spring, an MHS graduate who is planning to major in some form of Art & Design in college is awarded the Milaca Area Christmas Home Tour Scholarship.

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Fairview Northland Regional Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 

The Fairview Northland Regional Hospital Auxiliary is that helping hand that is extended to all areas of the hospital. The members are all volunteers from the areas surrounding Milaca, Princeton and Zimmerman. The funds the Auxiliary has available for scholarships, for the most part, are from proceeds from purchases at the gift shop in the hospital. Because they have all-volunteer help, the Auxiliary is able to make money. They also honor requests from various hospital departments for money for special equipment, etc. Besides working in the gift shop, members do copying, mailings and any number of volunteer tasks in the hospital. 

The Auxiliary members are now extending a helping hand through this schol­arship, and have requested that this award be given to a Milaca High School student who will be pursuing a career in a health care field. 

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Cindy Zillmer Memorial Endowment Scholarship 

The Cindy Zillmer Scholarship was created by the Zillmer family in memory of their wife and mother who passed away following a car accident on May 31, 2013. 

Cindy Zillmer was a graduate of Cooper High School in 1973 and received a BA in Physical Education and Special Education from Mankato State Univer­sity while being a member of the Varsity swim team. After spending time in the Braham and Arlington-Green Isle School Districts, she found her teaching home in Milaca while residing in Foley in 1983. During her time in Milaca she coached swimming and softball and later coached swimming in Foley. 

Cindy was also an active member in her community where she was an avid member of the Foley Lioness and Lions Club. Her commitment was recog­nized when she received the highest form of recognition bestowed upon a Lion member, the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. 

While a teacher and coach, Cindy believed in a high level of dedication, hard work, and respect. Applicants demonstrating the strongest combination of these three qualities will be given preference. 
The scholarship is open to students who will pursue higher education at any accredited institution (Junior College, Community College, Technical College, College or University).

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Andree and Alvina Swanson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Andree (Andy) was born in Iowa in 1912 and moved with his parents and 10 siblings to a farm in Page Township, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. He at­tended Tibbets Brook School, a one-room rural school, through the 8th grade. 

Alvina Maitland Swanson was born in Aitkin County, Minnesota. She gradu­ated from Isle High School in 1940 and married Andy in 1942. During the war, while Andy was in the army, she moved to Oregon to work in the ship yards. After the war, Andy and Alvina returned to Minnesota and the Swanson dairy farm where they farmed for the next 40 years before retiring. After Andy's passing in 1989, Alvina lived on the farm for many years before moving to Milaca. Alvina passed away in 2013. 

Andree and Alvina believed that education was important. Andy served on the Tibbets Brook School board and received an honorary high school diploma from Milaca High School in 2002. Their children all attended Tibbets Brook School, with 5 daughters and 6 grandchildren graduating from Milaca High School. 

This scholarship will assist Milaca High School graduates in their pursuit of advanced education. The fund was created by donations from family and friends. 

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Mark & Kathy Riebel Endowment Scholarship

Mark and Kathy (Veerkamp) Riebel were born in the southwest MN communities of Sleepy Eye and Comfrey. Kathy moved to Milaca in 1983 and graduated from Milaca High School in 1990. She has worked at several Milaca businesses including Medtronic Milaca, working with preschoolers at Milaca School/Community Education, and Teals Market. Mark graduated from Sleepy Eye St. Mary's in 1981 and from Southwest Minnesota State University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology. As of 2015, he has worked 25 years for Medtronic as a Manufacturing Engineer. 

Mark and Kathy were married in 1995 and Mark moved to Milaca at that time. They have three children; twin boys, Nick and Jake, who graduated in 2015, and daughter Katie, who graduated in 2016 from MHS. Knowing the value of further education, Mark and Kathy along with a Medtronic matching gift program have created this endowment. 

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William Herranen/Dean Isaacson STEM Endowment Scholarship

Mr. William Herranen taught mathematics and physics at Milaca High School from 1951 to 1987. I was a student in his classes from 1955 to 1959. His well-organized, high quality and challenging courses allowed me to learn high school mathematics at a high level. During my senior year, Mr. Herranen nominated me for a National Science foundation Scholarship, which allowed me to study calculus at St. Olaf College in the summer of 1959. The college credits I earned that summer gave me a head start on a mathematics major at Macalester College. 

I graduated from Macalester College in 1963 with a major in mathematics. Fortunately I was awarded a National Defense Education Act Fellowship to do graduate studies at the University of MN. I completed an MS in Mathematics in 1966 and a PhD in Mathematics in 1968 with a specialization in probability theory. 

In 1968 I accepted a joint faculty position between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University. I was promoted to Associate Professor in 1972 and Full Professor in 1976. In 1984 I was appointed department head of the Department of Statistics where I served until 2002. From 2002 to 2009, I focused on teaching and graduate student recruiting. After retirement in 2009, my wife Martha and I started spending time among condos in South Padre Island, TX; Keystone, CO; and Marshalltown, IA. There is good fishing at all three locations so retirement has been an easy adjustment. 

My long and enjoyable career in mathematics did not happen by chance. It started with a solid foundation in mathematics. Mr. Herranen not only taught me the basics of the subject, but he taught me to enjoy doing mathematics. I know he did the same thing for many other Milaca students. This scholarship is my way of saying, "Thank you, Mr. Herranen."

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Charles R. Johnson Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Charles "Charlie" Roy Johnson died at the age of 90. During these 90 years, Charlie was not one to let life go by him unnoticed. 

After graduating from high school, Charlie furthered his education by enlisting in the Air Force and training for meterology. Once he completed this, he was told there were too many meteorologists in the Air Force. Air Force personnel talked to hima bout his options, and then he continued training in the Air Force to learn to fly bombers. Upon fulfilling his duties in the Air Force, he then went to the University of Minnesota for Mechanical Engineering. 

Charlie later became president/owner of his family-owned business. He was an active voice for many years and quite a go-getter in sales, flying his own plane to meet customers out of state. 

Charlie was an avid outdoorsman and a constant "thinker." He loved to design things and challenged himself to make them better by thinking and creating ways to do just that. He would often have a tablet close by him, and as he thought of things to design, he would draw them out and then make them. Charlie was quite an engineer. 

Charlie was a member of the Milaca community for many years. He gave several anonymous donations to the Milaca area to organizations and causes he believed in, such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, National Wildlife Turkey Federation, Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Department, and Milaca Fire Department, just to name a few. 

Charlie was a firm believer in continuing education. He often said education was a foundation in one's individual future. Even though Charlie is no longer with us, his donation to MSF is a testament that education still lives on, on his behalf. 

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Computer Science/Engineering Endowment Scholarship

Molly Bostic graduated from Milaca High School in 1996. She and her husband, Marc Reiners, both have degrees in computer science from Northwestern University, and since graduating they have each held several different roles in the software industry. This scholarship is jointly sponsored by Molly and Marc and by matching funds provided by Molly's provider, Microsoft. Molly greatly appreciated the opportunities and mentorship that she received while at MHS that contributed to her interest in computing. Molly and Marc are excited to help current MHS students further their pursuit of science, technology, and engineering education. 

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Myron Swenson Memorial Scholarship 

Myron was born December 13, 1934 to Delmer and Pearl (Karlstad) Swen­son at Mayville, North Dakota. The man known to a community as Swen (and to his closest friends, Lefty) came to Milaca from Mayville, ND. He attended Hillsboro High School and went on to star in baseball at Mayville State University and once held the North Dakota strikeout record. He pitched quite a few baseballs for the Mayville Red Caps in the North Dakota Amateur Baseball League. In addition to baseball, Swenson excelled in football and basketball. He would eventually be inducted into the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame in Jamestown, ND. 

Upon graduating from Mayville State, Swenson took a job at the school in Hetinger, ND before moving to Milaca. He later received a Master's Degree from St. Cloud State University. In Milaca, Swenson taught social studies and physical education. He coached football, basketball, and baseball. The stories told about those days by coaches, teachers, athletes, students, principals, officials and of course Myron are rich with humor and camaraderie. And good or bad, Swenson is the man behind the driving habits of generations of Milaca students who took drivers education from him. 

There was a bond between students, athletes, and Myron. They seemed to have a mutual balance of respect for one another along with a measure of levity. His athletic teams were not always champions; but they always were winners. When students tell you that you have made a difference in their lives you know you have chosen the right vocation. 

Myron is survived by his wife, Charmaine; three sons and daughters-in-law, Kirk (Kris) Swenson, Chad (Peggy) Swenson, Bret (Jennifer) Swenson; grand­children, Jennifer (Jeremy) Nichols, Lauren Swenson, Alexa Swenson, Dani­elle (Brent) Oslin, Myles Swenson, Andrew Swenson and Samuel Swenson; and two great grands, Briella and Bryson Nichols. He was always excited when someone told him he would be a grandfather again. Trinity Lutheran Church will miss Myron's Sunday morning hugs seasoned with a dash of teasing and a fair amount of opinion. Hugs will be our fond memory of Myron. 

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            A. Interest earnings from the Endowment Fund are first used to fund those scholarships that have been created and endowed by individuals or organizations through a significant donation to the

                Endowment Fund. Currently, all endowed scholarships are paying a 5% return (subject to change) on the amount contributed, and those listed with an asterisk (*) are guaranteed a 5% return by the First 

                National Bank of Milaca. This rate of return means $10,000 would provide an annual $500 scholarship, etc.

            B. Scholarships awarded from the excess interest are given "At Large".

            C. The number of scholarships given depends on interest earned on the Fund.

            D. Awarded to graduating seniors from Milaca High School.